The Importance Of Setting Goals

  I know what you are thinking, ohh man this guy is writing a real blog! Well I’m going to try ūüėČ In all seriousness I’ve been trying to diversify the things I’m… Continue reading

Vashon Island Shoot

Hey Everyone, ¬† I hope things have been going good for you, for me I’ve just been swamped as normal. Yesterday was the start of Fall registration and I’m actually going¬†full-time¬†next quarter, this… Continue reading

Getting “THAT” Shot

Hey Everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend I know I did (Yes I’m aware it’s now Wednesday!), and it actually turned out to be a busy one. For anyone who follows… Continue reading

John “Prince” Albert Shoot

Recently I had the joy of shooting with up and coming UFC fighter John Albert. As most of you know I have been really shooting sports portraits for about a year now. It… Continue reading

Summer Vacation 2013

So I’ve been back and forth with this post for almost two weeks, every time I sit down and try and write this blog something comes up, or I just don’t have the… Continue reading

Palouse Falls Sunset Panorama

So after much work I have tweaked the website, and added an internal blog. I’m really excited for the changes and am working hard on getting things organized! So during my trip to… Continue reading

Daily Inspiration May 22nd 2013

I’ve been really digging on some of the Time Lapse Videos shown on Vimeo lately really good stuff here is one that I think is amazing check it out! Landscapes: Volume Two from… Continue reading

How to Value Yourself As an Artist.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short Let me be up front, normally I don’t post things that go in depth about the business side of photography. With that said though I’ve had something on my… Continue reading

New Abandoned America Images!

Abandoned America   As promised I have been blogging more. I’ve also had a chance to edit some more photographs that I have taken over the last month. One thing that I have… Continue reading

Georgetown Night Photography May 7th 2013

Hey Everyone who reads this thing I call a blog, let me first start out by saying thanks to all the people who like my last blog post about Palouse. It was the… Continue reading