Georgetown Night Photography May 7th 2013

Hey Everyone who reads this thing I call a blog, let me first start out by saying thanks to all the people who like my last blog post about Palouse. It was the most likes I got in a single day ever on my blog. So that is pretty neat, with that I just want to take the time and say thanks to everyone who follows my blog. I try and look at all the people who like my blog and check out your blogs as well.

So with all the responses I had I figured maybe I shouldn’t wait so long to post a new blog! This is probably a first for me the same night I went out and took photos I came home and edited a handful of them and am gonna post them and blog them!

Tonight I decided to venture out and check out one of the local “” groups; if you have not been to one maybe you should check one out. Me personally I’ve been a loner photographer, so it was nice to check out.

I meet some nice people, and people of all skill levels. We photographed just south of Seattle in a place called Georgetown. I’m not a big cityscape or night photographer, unless I’m shooting the Northern Lights. With that being said I just wanted to get out and photograph and maybe meet a few nice people. Regardless I got to play with my new lens and Lee Filter Set some more so that was fun. The only downer about the shoot was that the Old Rainier Brewery I guess is now “Private Property” and the Security guy was being a pain he was even following people after we left like really, 30+ photographers can’t run back onto the property and nab shots….

Other than that though it was a fun night, I got to mess around with my new gear and do some shots I don’t tend to do. I love photography no matter what and just being able to get out and photograph things is fun I also found a nice background for maybe some future composite stuff so all and all it works out!


A Shot of the group of photographers at the meet up tonight


The Historic Georgetown City Hall


Another Shoot Of The Historic Georgetown City Hall


A Pizzeria down some alley in Georgetown


Georgetown Records


Another Shot Of Georgetown Records


I saw this structure and some cool lighting and thought it would make a cool composition.


You can’t have night photography without some cars driving by causing cool effects.

Again I want to thank everyone who liked my last blog and I hope to keep bringing some new posts for you to read!

Jeremy Daniel Photography