New Abandoned America Images!

Abandoned America


As promised I have been blogging more. I’ve also had a chance to edit some more photographs that I have taken over the last month. One thing that I have not been able to do much of this year has been go out and explore new places with abandoned buildings, or ghost towns. That changed a few weeks back and I have finally been able to edit some new images to go into my Abandoned America Series.

So whats next after this? Well School is halfway over for this quarter and I’m able to spend summer focusing on some stuff, including a trip to Montana to relax and also see Yellowstone and The Tetons! I hope to come back with some really cool photos from the trip, as well as getting some much needed R&R with my wife. Once summer quarter starts I have a concept I want to finish that I started with Brandon Hoyt, if you saw the post with my tear sheets you know what I’m talking about. I need to finish the other part of that concept. As well as an outdoor concept I want to do. I’m not going to talk about it but it will be on the conceptual/advertising side of things.

Well I have been posting a bunch the last few days so I don’t want to ramble, but here are a few pictures of some Abandoned Buildings I came across during my trip to Palouse and also Forks Washington. We also came across a Ghost Town called Washuctna if you evere been to or go to Palouse you can’t miss it.


Abandoned Airport outside Of Forks Washington


Another Shot Of The Abandoned Airport Outside Forks Washington


Abandoned Airplane Hanger Outside Of Forks Washington


An Abandoned House Outside Forks Washington


Abandoned Shop in the Ghost Town of Washtucna 


Abandoned Shack along the Palouse Scenic Byway.

Well everyone I hope you enjoy the new images and the blog posts over the last few days, I am back to work tonight so I’ll probably not be working on new images or posting new blogs over the next few days, I’ve been thanking about doing another tutorial about using layers and Viviza 2 to add life to your photos.

I’ll probably be working on that for my next blog so stay tuned!

Jeremy Daniel Photography