Palouse Falls Sunset Panorama

So after much work I have tweaked the website, and added an internal blog. I’m really excited for the changes and am working hard on getting things organized!

So during my trip to the Palouse Falls a few weeks back, I was able to capture a Panorama of the falls. I’ve had little time to work on it, but finally was able to finish the piece. So here you go the new Palouse Falls piece I took during out trip. It turned out to be a pretty good sunset, and a nice Panorama.

I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed taking it, and bringing the image to life!


I want to leave this blog post with a little word of advice, landscape photography has become somewhat of an overlooked art anymore. To many people just pass it by, remember that you are not creating a landscape image, or looking at a landscape image, you are looking at a moment in time captured, and brought to life to show the magnificent wonders this world holds. Next time you create, or view a landscape piece take a moment, and vision yourself in that moment and that place in time!


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