Summer Vacation 2013

So I’ve been back and forth with this post for almost two weeks, every time I sit down and try and write this blog something comes up, or I just don’t have the time to complete it. With that being said I’m hoping to finally get this blog posted and get back into the swing of things.

This summer has been nothing short of busy, in the last month that I had off from school we have been moving, went on vacation to The Grand Tetons and Yellowstone NP. Spent some time in Helena Montana, and tried to unwind and enjoy the simple things in life.

Since school started back up last week the days have flown by, so far in my first week back in school I’ve photographed UFC fight John “Prince” Albert the Tacoma Rainier’s vs Reno Ace’s game, and another fashion shoot with the talented Sydney Ranee. Not to mention this week I have homework photos to shoot and also doing an Under Armour ad campaign with my wife for her portfolio 2 class!

Anyways I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about my summer vacation; meaning my trip to The Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Tetons have been a location I’ve wanted to photograph for many years, for some reason it has just always spoke to me, maybe it’s because it’s on of the most rugged beautiful landscapes in the US? I have yet to get into Glacier NP but I know that living in Washington and having access to Mount Rainier, Olympic NP, and The North Cascades all have beautiful scenery nothing compared to the sites of the Grand Teton Range. Not saying that any of the parks here in Washington aren’t spectacular. I kind of did thing in reverse as most people who go to the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. Most people spend a majority of the time in Yellowstone, and then just get a glimpse of the Tetons. We spent 4 days in the Tetons and only really drove through Yellowstone. Though next time we might spend some more time in Yellowstone I’m glad with the choice we made. For one there was far less people, and two it was kind of nice from a photographers stand point to wake up and shoot sunrise at Moulton Barn with other photographers, or going to Oxbow bend and seeing the work of mother nature and seeing other like minded people also there. Of course there where a lot of tourists and people who had no clue what was going on, but there where also a few who knew what they were doing. The day we shot Mormon row ironically enough the other two photographers beside myself where both from Washington. One send half his time between Washington and Wyoming and looked like he did one on one workshops, the other guy was from Lakewood and worked for Microsoft, but loved photographing. So that alone was a pretty cool experience.

I think the biggest challenge for me as a photographer is even though I love doing composite work and using photoshop I try and keep my landscape true to what I see. So this frustrated me at times, mainly because the first two days was very stormy after the forecast predicting only partly cloud, this gave me some cool shots of some fast moving rain patterns, which was awesome to see in itself, the third day was about the best day as there where a few clouds, but nothing that really had that “dramatic” feel. On the other had the sun rays that are produced when the sun is going down on the west side of the Tetons is amazing. Both sunsets I saw sun rays. The last two mornings and nights where pretty bland in the sky but the colors where still pretty cool to witness, especially when first light hit the Tetons at the Moulton Barn. 

I must say that even though we where thrown a little bit of everything and spent most of our time away from camp weather it was going into Jackson because our air mattress went flat the first night, chasing the perfect photo, driving around the loop and taking in all the views of the Teton range, kayaking on Jackson Lake, or photographing the Oxbow Bend at sunrise and seeing a Moose and her baby come ten feet from you and jump in and swim across the Snake River, all of it was an amazing experience. I have yet to be able to pick out and spend a lot of time editing all the images I’ve taken, not to mention the time lapse videos I spent some time shooting, but here are a few I have gotten to. I hope you enjoy and hopefully once we are done moving to our new place I can get some more blogging in.

Jeremy Daniel Photography


Grand Tetons Sun Ray Sunset


Moulton Barn Sunrise Grand Tetons NP


Grand Tetons Panorama Sunset