Vashon Island Shoot

Hey Everyone,

I hope things have been going good for you, for me I’ve just been swamped as normal. Yesterday was the start of Fall registration and I’m actually going full-time next quarter, this is going to be a major challenge for me. With that being said once I finish this quarter I’ll have one quarter of two classes then my last quarter I’m taking one class before I am finally done with AIS!!! The finish line is so close I can feel it. Well last month I had the joy of working with Sydney Ranee again and this time we wanted to something on location as well as have a certain vintage style look.
After about a month of planning and waiting for the time to be right we decided to head over to Vashon Island and work on capturing some pictures. It was a fun trip over to the Island, there is something about the place that I love, it is close to the city, yet it has it’s own small feel. When you are there you forget that you really are not that far from Seattle, or Tacoma. If you ever get a chance to head out there for a shoot, or just to get out of the city of Seattle, you should take the time and go over there, considering it only take bout 20 minutes. 
One of the things you have to love as a photographer is repeat clients, this is something the anyone should try and accomplish. Not only do you build confidence in yourself, you also build the confidence in the person you are working with. Also another great thing about working with someone more than once is you start to learn how to be on the same page with what you both are looking for or trying to accomplish in your photographs. 
Working with Sydney has been great every shoot we have done has gotten better and better, and the ideas keep flowing for more shoots. We have already planned a shoot in a vintage looking bar in downtown Seattle. 
One of the new things I’ve been working on is finding and using color palettes to bring a certain tone and feel you want for images. As an artist you should always be trying to expand your knowledge and honing your skills everyday. For me personally I’ve been trying to do more research, and finding out what is working for other artists, and what I can do to better myself as an artist.
Well here are a few photos from my last session with Sydney I hope you enjoy the photos and can’t wait for the next shoots. I got some good ones planned so stay tuned!

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