New Speed Editing Video Coming Soon!

Hey Everyone, so I’ve been working on some of my archived videos, and I think I’m going to be working on a series of new speed editing videos, to show of some of… Continue reading

Photo Of The Week Jan 21st 2012

Dexter Themed Shoot! This is a test shoot, for a much bigger scale Dexter themed photo shoot that is in the works!

Photo Of The Week Jan 15th 2013

My first official photo of 2013. I have been really busy and been mostly lining up shoots but have not shot anything yet in 2013. I’ve gotten off to a slow start photographing,… Continue reading

Skykomish Hotel Photo Of The Week

Alright Everyone Like I promised, my first photo of 2013 This is my photo choice of the week. It is one of the many abandoned places I have photographed over the last few… Continue reading

Looking Back (2012) Looking Forward (2013)

I would like to start this blog out by saying I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, as we wind down toward 2013. Today being the 31st only a little bit of time… Continue reading

Photo Of The Day Dec 12th 2012

I Know…..I KNOW….. I have been seriously slacking on my blog, and my photography. This is what happened when you start a new job and are adjusting to the daily grind of work.… Continue reading

Woman’s Soccer & New Happenings

Hey Everyone! I know I have not posted a single thing since I gave a description of my studio assignment on how I made a better advertisement! There are a few reasons for… Continue reading

My Advertisement Improvement

So a few people have asked to see my ad replication and how I made it better for a class assignment, in Studio Photography. So I decided to write a blog about my… Continue reading

Photo Of The Day Sept 9th 2012

Photo Of The Day Sept 9th 2012

With how busy I have been this quarter, with stressing about getting stuff in line for me, and my fiancé to leave for Alaska to get married in a week, I’ve not been able to put as much time into keeping my blog up to date. I’ve marked on my calendar the photo of the days again, so hopefully why we are gone I can post some new photos, and blogs. I plan on doing some more whale watching, so hopefully some new whale photos will be in order!

For now today’s photo of the day is a boxing composite I did for class, the goal was to replicate an image, then make the ad better I decided since it was a studio class, I photographer Matt in the studio, then went to a local boxing place called Cappy’s, he was nice enough to let me take a few plates of the boxing ring.

This projected turned out a little bigger than normal, but as you can see the final result turned out nice, the product was Everlast.

I have a busy week, so hopefully I can post a few more photos, tanks to everyone who follows my blog, and likes my work 🙂


Photo Of The Day Sept 8 2012

Photo Of The Day Sept 8 2012

I know it’s been awhile, here is a photo from a fashion shoot I did at Alki Beach a few weeks back.