Alexandra Flint + Speed Edit Tutorial Video

So after many many months, years, and decades of contemplating and procrastinating I decided to do my first video tutorial “sort of”. I figured out how to record capture my screen on my… Continue reading

Photo Of The Day Aug 9th 2012 / Kickstarter Project

Photo Of The Day Aug 9th 2012 / Kickstarter Project

So two great things today, first the photo of the day I try and do these as often as possible, today is another photo from my trip to Mount Rainier. Even though I did not get to see the mountain this trip, I did come around a corner and saw an amazing view of this photo.

On another note I am trying to get my first coffee table book going I am using to try and get this project funded. I am trying my hardest to get this project of the ground my images of Alaska are near and dear to my heart, I’m also excited to tell my stories of some of my photos.

If your interested in checking out my project I think I have made some great rewards for anyone who wants to help back the project. Please take a little time and check out my product here.

If you can help me spread the word, also please any comments or suggestion would be great!

Camping Mount Rainier July 2012

So the last weekend of July we had the chance to head out toward Mount Rainier to spend a few days camping. It was Springs second time camping, and minus the bug bites,… Continue reading

Fort Worden State Park – Port Townsend Wa

Well last week marked the second week of my summer classes, as I mentioned in another post that during this summer I was taking studio photography, and location photography. For our first location… Continue reading

Behind The Scenes With Jeremy Daniel Photography – Tan Tran Fashion Shoot

So this is my first video post onto my page it is a behind the scenes look at some of my photography work. This was filmed during my photo shoot with Tan Tran and model Alexandra Wilson for a summer line of clothing.


Photo Of The Day July 23rd 2012

Photo Of The Day July 22nd 2012

During my trip to Port Townsend I was able to capture an assortment of images. One of my classmates let me play with his 10-20 nikon 3.5 I had a lot of fun using this lens. Here is one of the HDR Images I did during our school trip to Fort Worden at Port Townsend Wa.

Photo Of The Day July 22 2012

Photo Of The Day July 22 2012

So yesterday I actually got sunburnt, and didn’t get on the computer at all. With my new Saturday classes that I am taking I’m spending most my days traveling to different locations in Washington State. This makes it hard to keep posting new photos.

But with that said I got on it this morning and edited one of the many photos I took during my class yesterday. We went to a place called Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Wa. If you have not yet be sure to check it out.

One of the demos we did in class was “Painting With Light” It turned out to be a very fun day and her is one of my photos I captured of my classmate, and buddy Raphael.


Photo Of The Day July 20th 2012

Photo Of The Day July 20th 2012

Alright I already slipped up and forgot yesterday. I have a good excuse though….homework! lol Was in the studio shooting my first assignment for studio.

Anyways this image is from of a fashion shoot i did last quarter. I was working with one of the fashion design students to do a little bit different style of fashion. Anyways bak to learning as I am posting this from class.

July 18th 2012 Photo Of The Day

July 18th 2012 Photo Of The Day

The photo of the day for Wednesday July 18th is from the shoot I did last quarter with football player/model Marquise Moses. This was an amazing shoot in the studio, if you have not already seen the composites, and other photos from this shoot; please take a look back at some of the other posts. For some reason I just dig this photo love the look, the hands, and the fact that it’s just in your face!

I hope you enjoy the photo of the day for July 18th 2012

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July 17th 2012 Photo Of The Day

July 17th 2012 Photo Of The Day

In light that school has started back up and I have not been able to start the few blogs i have in the pipeline. I figured I would start digging into my photos and post new photo of the days. So for July 17th 2012 here is the photo of the day.

This last weekend I had a chance to photograph a couple who happens to be friends of mine, we went out to a ghost town called Skykomish, and had an amazing photo shoot. I will blog more about this later! I hope you enjoy the new photo of the day!