Red, White, & Dead Zombie Walk 2012

Saturday marked another year for the famous Fremont’s Red, White & Dead Zombie walk, where the living, and the un-dead come together to eat brains, or shoot zombies in the head. Each year… Continue reading

4th Of July 2012

Well Happy 5th of July to everyone out there, man tim is really flying. I swear summer never seems to last, even though it technically just started it feels like it’s going really… Continue reading

Getting My Hands Dirty in The Sports Portrait World

As promised, I said I would blog some more. Over the last quarter of school I have been working on shooting sports scenarios. I have also been trying my hand at some composite… Continue reading

California Trip – Spring 2012

Well we are on the last few days of June, time is quickly winding down. May seemed to take forever, yet June went by in a flash. It has felt good to have… Continue reading

Little Eightmile Lake Hike – Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Alpine Lakes Wilderness – Eightmile Lake So I originally wrote this the weekend after Memorial Day, but due to finals and the my PC laptop crashing I was never able to edit the… Continue reading

Whats New?

Hello to everyone who reads my blog. First let me start out by saying the last nine weeks have been hectic, I started a new job on top of school. I’m working as… Continue reading

Knowing Your Value As A Photographer

Usually I don’t post things in this blog other than a quick photo, with a quick explanation about the photo, I have done like two tutorials, but other wise it’s mostly just blogs… Continue reading

Skylar Wenzel Soccer Shoot

Skylar Wenzel Soccer Shoot. All right everyone, I am finally back with a normal blog post. I have been trying my hardest to post photos of the day on a daily bases, but… Continue reading

Photo Of The Day – April 14th 2012

Photo of The Day – April 14th 2012 Well it has been a few days….like almost 10 since I have posted a new photo, I was doing really good, but you know I… Continue reading

Photo Of the Day – April 5th 2012

Photo Of The Day – April 5th 2012 Standing Solo. Well today I did not get to spend much time editing photos, most of my time was spent with my little nephew playing… Continue reading