Exploring Alaska June

Well I am finally getting out and being able to do some new experiences and explore some more of Alaska. The big thing to do around here is to take a skiff out… Continue reading

Orca Spotting

Well what a beautiful day in Alaska its in the 70’s today and you could not ask for a better day in Southeast Alaska. I have really been enjoying life here in Alaska… Continue reading

Its been a little bit…

Well I must say it has been a little while since I have posted a new blog post. I have just been extremely busy with school, new job in Alaska, as well as… Continue reading

Chasing The Northern Lights

I am going to start out by saying that in the southern part of Alaska, chasing northern lights is like a science. This science is almost like the lower 48 states. You really… Continue reading

Spring Is Finally In The Air!!!

April 1st or as some call it Fools Day or April Fools Day. Spring is starting to come around full speed ahead. This means snow in lower elevations starting to melt sending massive… Continue reading

Spring Break…And Other Developments.

So it is now spring break for me from school. I get a whole 9 days off. This last quarter was¬†defiantly¬†a different experience than I have been the last year. Actually this whole… Continue reading

Many Faces Of Alaska

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted any new blog material. I have been very busy working on my re-design of my website. It has taken me a decent amount of… Continue reading

Twinkle Twinkle 1 Million Little Stars!

Ciao amici, (Or in English Hello Friends) Yes I am a little bit excited tonight. It has been a busy Monday in my world. First let me start out by saying Yesterday was… Continue reading

How Can You Not Appriciate This Work?

You know as a photographer who just loves landscape photography; I sit sometimes and ask myself how can any person who photographs landscape images. How can someone not think back and appreciate the… Continue reading

8 Days In The Last Frontier

Well as many of you know that follow my blog, or now me know that I have been in Alaska. It has been 8 days since I have gotten here and 10 since… Continue reading