Tutorials 101

Photography Tutorials 101

By Jeremy Daniel Photography

All right, so I’ve been looking at some other photographers blogs lately and I’ve noticed a lot of them have some sort of section where they talk about HDR or Photoshop or photography in general. I’ve decided to give a whole page to how I go about processing my photos. Now I’m one of those peoples who changes different styles on different images. I am not a batch processor and don’t have one specific formula. This is why I still have tons of untouched HDR’s and other images that I still have not gotten around to yet. Someday I will, that’s what makes it all fun!

On this page I’ll try to break down some different processes I use to edit different types of photos, I’ll go trough some basic HDR editing, some portrait editing, and tone mapping the way I’ve been taught how to do it. This page will be updated as I make new tutorials so this page will continue to be a work in progress so bare with me.

I’m going to start out with some basic stuff, so if this is something you know then great, if not then I hope it helps. Comments and feedback, or ideas on anything you see me do in my photos you might want to know more about, please feel free to comment and ask.

Non Destructive Dodging & Burning.


So I realized that after creating this page I’ve posted stuff on the main blog but have not transferred it over to the Tutorials Page. So here is the video I did about using layers and a Grey background to dodge and burn as an alternative to using the dodge and burn tools