Whats In My Bag.

So you want to know what’s in my bag do ya?

I have notice many photographers who blog in today’s world tend to list the items they are currently using to capture their imagery. So I figured since I don’t have many page links on my blog that I would go ahead and give a run down on my current gear with all the software and hardware I use to produce my final images, or that help in my everyday photography life.

Camera & Gear

Nikon D7000

This is my work horse. I upgraded around September of 2011, I previously had the D5000, but due to water damage why photographing humpback whales I was forced to upgrade. I really love a lot about this camera, mainly the fact that it has 1080p (Which I am trying to force myself to use more of) it also has dual slot cards, my favorite features though is that I have the ability to do custom presents on my dial, time-lapse shooting built in, and last but not least the ability to access iso, wb, and everything thing else with out looking at my LCD screen.


So for to compliment my camera I currently have a 18-55mm and a 50 mm f/1.8 I had a 70-300 and 10-20 sigma lenses, but was having issues with both on the new camera, so my next lens will be a new nikon 10-24 f2.8

Other Stuff

I have a manfroto tripod,not a really good traveling tripod, I hope soon I can get a carbon fiber one that’s easier to travel with. I am also currently using a Lowepro Sport 400. I think this is a great backpack.